Platinum Ultimate Appearance Protection

Platinum Ultimate Appearance Protection

A Major Announcement from

Walkers Point Marina!


We are pleased and excited to offer a

New Service that is available immediately!

Expanded warranty coverage

-fully insured for 5 years!

We at Walkers Point Marina are constantly looking for ways to improve or increase our service to you, our valued customers! 

One of the major problems our customers have maintaining their boats is fading caused by the sun! Even going out for a few hours every weekend can cause the sun's damaging rays to discolor a boat's gelcoat!

We now have the solution! Platinum Ultimate Appearance Protection will stop these UV rays from doing their damage and will keep your boat looking showroom new!

Who should consider this? Anyone with a new or up to 5 year old boat! 


 Reasons to consider this:

  • Increased gloss and durability- your boat will look great for years!
  • Environmentally friendly application process ¿ our professional team is fully trained!
  • Protects resale value ¿ You will more than make up the cost! 

Why stop at the outside?? Our Platinum Protection Systems will also keep your interior looking new!


Our interior vinyl protections will stop stains caused by:

  • Fast food
  • Coffee or tea
  • Soft drinks
  • Make-up
  • Lipstick
  • Blood

And just about anything else you can think of! Plus, it will stop fading or cracking caused by the sun's rays! 

Your boat represents a significant investment! Why not go the extra step to protect that investment? Contact Lisa MacDonald ( to discuss booking your boat in to our 'Boat Spa' now!